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DynamicZip Build 72

This DynamicZip build is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP v.10

Release date July 13, 2009.



  • Enhanced the Track Tax Free Jurisdictions option.
  • Added Voucher Number Restriction to DynamicZip Tax Reports on purchases.
  • Added a new setting in the Dex.ini to Show Report Used.
  • Improved our handling of Modified Document Number.
    • Prior to this change numbers that were not modified could be handled as if they were which could result in an Unknown Error 54.
    • This problem existed only in our Sql Optimized Reports.
    • Our report process would check for the existence of a document number in the Rm Key File Table that was identical to the SOP or IVC document number except 3 characters shorter. If such a document number was found, the import would assume (sometimes correctly, sometimes erroneously) that it had found a Modified Document Number
  • Fixed a problem with the handling of Negative Invoice Quantity Sop Line Items that resulted in incorrect allocation of taxable and exempt amounts.
    • When the Subtotal on the invoice was less than the Taxable Sales, the Taxable Sales amount was adjusted to equal the subtotal amount and the Exempt Sales amount was adjusted to zero.
    • When the Subtotal was greater than or equal to the Taxable Sales this problem did not occur.
  • Fixed a problem with restricting cash basis reports by Apply Date.
    • The SQL Optimized version of this report was ignoring this restriction altogether.
    • The non-optimized version was honoring the restriction but only if the date range was Entered using the DZ Report Options window as opposed to using the Current Date, Beginning of Month, etc. drop down options.
    • Neither report listed the restriction in the report header.
  • Fixed a bug that could report as zero the total amount on a tax detail that had been modified by the user in the Receivables module.



ZIPsales Import

  • More comprehensive tracking of tax detail modifications.
  • Automated the creation of the Tennessee Single Article Tax details.
  • Improved selection of preferred city name spellings when multiple choices exist in the ZIPsales Database.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent zero rate state tax details from being created or updated.
  • Improved handling of City Limits Tax Schedule.
    • DynamicZip now creates City Limits Tax Schedule if the city has a state or county override tax rate.
    • DynamicZip no longer creates City Limits Tax Schedule for city local taxes when they apply both in and out of the city limits.
  • Fixed a bug that was giving certain out-of-city-limits purchase tax schedules an in-city override.
  • Improved handling of tax rate overrides.
    • Corrected the override detail created based on the County Split value in the ZIPsales Database City.txt file. This value now modifies the maximum taxable amount for the county. Prior to this a city tax detail was created to tax the amount above the county maximum taxable amount.
    • Override details now get the following values from the ZIPsales Database overriding record rather than from the record being overridden:
      • Authority
      • Effective Date
      • Location Code
  • We now use the ZIPsales Database DetailG file whenever possible for all taxes - not just the county local tax as before.
  • Statewide Tax Schedules no longer prevent the import of Zip Code Tax Schedule for the related states. (Use Group Id to control which states get imported.)

Tax Schedule Selection


Other Changes

Minor Releases

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