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DynamicZip Tax by Item Category

The DynamicZip Tax by Item Category feature (TBIC) allows you to define an Item Category Tax Option by state. This feature is controlled using the DZ Tax By Item Category Setup window.

Note: Prior to Build 72 this feature was called Tax by Item Class. The functionality used to be based on Item Class but has been changed to DynamicZip's own Item Categories to avoid any conflicts that may occur with using item classes for sales tax functionality. Please see Copy Item Classes To Categories FAQ.

TBIC can be used to handle item specific tax exemption laws by allowing the user to specify in which states an item category should not be taxed. Please see the Tax by Item Category FAQ link below for more information.

TBIC can also be used to handle when states require certain items to be taxed at unique rates. For more information on assigning a unique tax rate with TBIC, please see the Advanced Tax Calculation link below.

NOTE: Disabling Assign Tax Schedule in the DynamicZip Setup window will also disable TBIC.

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