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DZ Tax Detail Supplement window

Access from DynamicZip Setup Navigation.

Permission to access this window is granted to the Tax Setup Task.

Window Description

The DZ Tax Detail Supplement Maintenance window lets you manage the degree to which the import of the sales and use tax database updates the Tax Detail (A record that defines a particular tax such as the Chicago City Tax). This tax record includes the tax detail ID, the tax detail description, the tax rate, calculation instructions, posting accounts, etc. Please see The Format of DynamicZip Tax Detail IDs for more information. You can also view the effective date of the current tax rate, and information about the jurisdiction of the selected tax detail ID.

Also if you've created custom tax details you can add the authority, administrator, and other information in this window so the details will be sorted correctly in your reports.

The records viewed in this window are stored in the DZ Tax Detail Supplement table.


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This field added in Build 74.0
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