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DZ Sales Batch Processing window

Access via DynamicZip Routines Navigation.

Permission to access this window is contained in the Sales Entry Task.

Window Description


Using the DZ Sales Batch Processing window Preview feature, you can report on SOP documents by batch. This report will show any discrepancies found in the documents addresses, tax schedules, customer and item taxability.


Using the DZ Sales Batch Processing window Process feature, you can update SOP documents by batch. This process will run ZipAddressing and DynamicZip tax schedule selection and then recalculate the document's tax for each document in each batch selected for processing.

This feature will open the Sales Transaction Entry window and do the processing there. The window may not refresh at the rate the processing is done and therefore not appear normal.

Processing was enabled with Build 72.4 and Build 73.2.


You can use DZ Tax Recalculation or DZ Extended Tax Recalculation to process one document at a time or by using a macro along with the Silent DZ Extended Tax Recalculation you can process multiple documents.

The Report Temp is used to preview or review the results of this process.

Window Actions:

Tax Verification

  • Tax Verification checks the following for each document and each line-item in the selected batch:
  • This process will modify the documents and generate a report of the results.

Known Issues

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