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Sales Transaction Entry window

Transactions > Sales > Sales Transaction Entry

Use the Sales Transaction Entry window to enter quotes, sales orders, fulfillment orders, invoices, back orders, and returns. You also can use this window to modify, delete, and void sales documents.

When sales quote workflow or customer credit limit override workflow is activated in Microsoft Dynamics GP, the Workflow toolbar and history pane are available. The toolbar displays the document's status and has buttons you can use during the document's approval process. The history pane shows all the approval actions that have been taken for the document. You can click the Visualize Workflow History link at the bottom of the history pane to view a diagram of the approval process for the workflow you're using. You can use the sales quote workflow and customer credit limit override workflow at the same time.

This is a Microsoft Dynamics GP window. Please see the Microsoft Dynamics GP help for more information on the functionality of this window.

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