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DZ Customer Address Correction window

Access via DynamicZip Routines Navigation

Permission to access this window is granted in the Customer Cards Task.


The DZ Address Correction window provides a way for you to automate the process of updating your customer address records based on the DZ Zip Address Table. This process assumes that the ZIP Code contained in the customer address records is correct, and will then update the city and state to match the spelling contained in the DZ Zip Address table.

This process starts by validating the city, state, and ZIP Code already contained in the customer address record. If that combination of city, state, and ZIP Code exists in the DZ Zip Address table, the customer address record will not be modified and a report will be generated to show which addresses were not corrected and why. Please see ZipAddressing Messages for more information.


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This field added in Build 74.0
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This field removed in Build 74.0
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