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For DynamicZip reports:

On the DZ Report Options window use the “Ranges” field to specify which transactions you would like to include in your report. Various different date, document, customer and location restrictions are available. Report restrictions can be easily added/removed from any DynamicZip tax report.

Range restrictions prevent the report generation process from having to scan through your entire transaction history.

NOTE: With Sql Optimized Reports on Microsoft® SQL Server™, any and all of the available ranges will prevent the table scan. Please see City State And County Range Restriction and Authority Range Restriction for more details on these specific range types.

For DynamicZip maintenance & setup windows:

Select Range, Limit to Range or Range Restriction if you wish to restrict a process to a specific range of details or IDs in any given window. If starting and ending values are left blank, all related details or IDs will be included.

At times it may be appropriate to enter a range for a state. To do so, begin with the two letter state code (for example CA) and end with the state code plus the letter z (example CAz).


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