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DynamicZip Quick Start Guide

DynamicZip is a powerful tool designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Programmed in the same language as GP, DynamicZip integrates seamlessly within your accounting package. No need to hassle with external programs that leave you without stored data in your history. All transactions leave a trail of information that you can extract onsite and backed up with the rest of your accounting data.

  1. Download the latest release of DynamicZip for the version of Dynamics GP that you are running
  2. Run the downloaded installation .exe file - installing into the Dynamics GP install directory.
  3. Launch Dynamics GP as administrator and include new code when prompted.
  4. You will need to log into Dynamics GP as sa or DYNSA in order for DynamicZip to create its SQL tables and grant rights to Dynamics GP users.
  5. Enter the DynamicZip registration keys obtained from KampData.
    1. Registration keys are not required to try DynamicZip using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Lesson Company.
    2. We recommend exiting and relaunching Dynamics GP after entering the DynamicZip registration keys to complete the enabling process.
  6. Open the DynamicZip Setup window and if this is a new install, select Reset to Default Settings from the DynamicZip menu at the top of the window.
  7. Open the DZ State Setup window and select Import States from the DynamicZip menu at the top of the window.
    1. Browse through the states and set a tax detail default posting account for each state you will be collecting sales tax in.
  8. Run the address correction utility (You can preview prior to updating the addresses.)
  9. Use the DZ Customer Supplement window to designate the taxable or exempt status of your customers.
  10. Run the assign tax schedules utility. The DZ Assign Tax Schedules process lets you automatically update the address master records with the proper tax schedule ID. The auto-assignment will be made based on the city, state, and ZIP Code for each address in the system. (You can preview prior to updating the addresses.)
  11. Address Entry and/or Modification
    1. Entering or modifying addresses in the customer cards and other integration points you will see the functionality of ZipAddressing and the automatic tax schedule selection process.
    2. When entering a new customer, ZipAddressing allows for a setting that will automatically skip the city and state. The user can then simply key in the ZIP Code, tab off the field and the city and state fields will be automatically populated. In those cases that there is more than one city associated with that ZIP Code, a lookup window can appear and the proper city can be selected.
    3. Also, when entering the ZIP Code and tabbing over to the Tax Schedule ID field, DynamicZip automatically selects the tax schedule id based on the tax location of the address. The lookup window displays the tax schedules and the user can change the schedule to exempt from this window (designated here by an 'X').

DynamicZip Installation

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