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How can I control the taxation of Items, Freight & Misc. on a per state basis?

DynamicZip has a feature called Tax By Item Category that allows you to control the taxation of inventory items, freight, and miscellaneous charges on a per state basis. The DZ Tax By Item Category Setup window allows you to choose a state, an Item Category and a Tax Option

For Freight Charges: - Create the Item Category FREIGHT using the DZ Item Category Maintenance window

  1. Assign any freight Inventory Item that you may have to the FREIGHT Category using the DZ Item Supplement window NOTE: By using the Item Category FREIGHT you can control the Freight field in the lower right corner of the Sales Transaction Entry window
  2. Use the DZ Tax By Item Category Setup window to setup the states where Freight will be Nontaxable.

NOTE: Please follow the same steps for Miscellaneous charges, only use MISC for the Item Category.

NOTE:The CCH ZIPsales Database includes the Zipsales Database Rules file . You may be able to use the information contained in this file to help you determine which charges are taxable in which states.

For Converting from earlier DynamicZip builds to build 72 or newer:

Please see the Copy Item Classes To Categories FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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