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DZ Table Status window

Access from DynamicZip Utilities Navigation.

Permission to access this window is contained in the System Utilities Task.

Window Description

The DZ Table Status window lists all of the permanent DynamicZip SQL tables, their conversion status, their path, their physical name and the DynamicZip build number of their last successful conversion.

When upgrading to a new version of DynamicZip, sometimes it will be necessary to convert some DZ tables to their new specifications. You can find out which DynamicZip upgrades include a modification of a permanent table (and which permanent table(s)) by viewing the Modifications pages.



CAUTION: No one should be using any sales tax related features of Microsoft Dynamics GP during this process. The safest method is to perform the conversion when no other workstations are logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. Click Convert to begin the conversion of tables whose status is Convert.
  2. If any DynamicZip table has a status of Missing, the table(s) need to be created. Please see Create SQL Tables.
  3. If any DynamicZip table has a status other than Convert, Successful, or Missing you may need to restore all of the DynamicZip permanent tables and restart the conversion. If a conversion process is unable to open the source file, it may be because of an incorrect build number listed as the last successful conversion. If this is the case, you can attempt the conversion again by setting the conversion status to Convert and entering the build number that you just replaced (upgraded from) assuming that the table worked properly with that build.


This will print a report listing the DynamicZip permanent tables. The report will be sorted according to the Sort By selected in this window .

Sort By

You can sort the records by Table Technical Name, Table Display Name, Table Physical Name, Table Series, or Status.

NOTE: In the event of a table conversion failure, please refer to Table Conversion Fail FAQ.

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Removed in Build 77.0
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