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When do I need to recreate DynamicZip stored procedures?

This procedure is rarely used. The DynamicZip stored procedures are created as part of the DynamicZip create tables procedure. These are the stored procedures automatically generated by Dexterity for SQL table access. Under normal circumstances these stored procedures are permanent and do not change for the life of the table to which they pertain.

Situations where you would use this procedure include version changes by Microsoft Dynamics GP in which they have modified the auto generated stored procedures. After installing the new version, Dexterity will expect those modified stored procedures to exist for each table. After recreating the DynamicZip stored procedures in this situation, DynamicZip will be in sync with Dexterity. Another situation could be a migration of your data from one version of Microsoft SQL Server to another.

To recreate stored procedures:

  1. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP »Tools » Utilities » DynamicZip » Table Status, then choose DynamicZip » Recreate SQL Stored Procedures.
  2. To recreate stored procedures using the SQL Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics GP:
  3. Open the SQL Maintenance window (File » Maintenance » SQL).
  4. Select the Dynamics database.
  5. Select DynamicZip as the product.
  6. Choose the Drop Auto Procedure and Create Auto Procedure options.
  7. Click Process.

IMPORTANT: You must repeat the procedure for any other company databases using DynamicZip.

The DynamicZip stored procedures must be created (or recreated) by sa. Each time they are created, only sa will have rights to the newly created stored procedures. You must run Grant.sql or Grant70.sql to grant rights to the other users.

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