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Getting Started

The KampData TaxEngine requires some basic setup configuration.

  1. Download and install the KampData TaxEngine.
  2. Launch the TaxEngine Control Center program.
  3. Log in as 'sa' to ensure you have the proper rights to create the KampData TaxEngine Tables. Tables are created automatically when you log in.
  4. Open the Module Setup window and select File » Create SOP. This will configure the Sales Order Processing module and provide you an example of how to create/setup any remaining transaction source modules you may wish to use. You can modify any of the default values, except the Module's name (SOP), to best suit your needs.
  5. You should now be able to complete an entry on the TaxEngine Interface window. This window is used mainly to check functionality and configuration settings.
  6. If you are testing the KampData TaxEngine lite version, then you should not need to perform any additional setup. If you are testing the KampData TaxEngine full version, or setting up for a live environment, then you can test the item and customer taxability from the DynamicZip windows within your Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.
  7. Add the KDTaxEngine.dll to your test application/website as a reference.
  8. View the Sample Code to see how to utilitize the KampData TaxEngine API.

Frequently Asked Questions
Kampdata TaxEngine

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