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TaxEngine tax calculation requirements

What properties must my application set in order for the KampData TaxEngine to calculate tax?

The KampData TaxEngine was designed to behave similarly to Microsoft Dynamics GP in regard to order entry and tax calculation. The following steps detail the minimum requirements for tax calculation.

  1. Create a document using the Document method.
  2. Create a line using the LineAdd method.
  3. Calculate the tax using the DocCalculateTax method.

Tax Schedule selection

The LineTaxScheduleID property can be set manually, automatically retrieved from the Customer Master Address Table or selected by the KampData TaxEngine.

NOTE: When setting the DocCustomerID property, the DocDefaultShipToAddressID property or when calling the DocTaxScheduleSelect method, the Tax Schedule ID might not originate from the customer's address record. Please see Tax Location for more information.

Customer and Item Taxability

Handling Tax Exempt Customers or Item Taxability

  1. For the KampData TaxEngine to know if a customer is taxable or exempt, you must provide the customer ID. Please see Customer ID FAQ for more information.
  2. To handle item taxabilty, you must provide the item number and tax location state.

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