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How do I demo the eStore Example?

The first step is getting the TaxEngine installed and set up. Please see Getting Started for more information.

The next step is getting the eStoreExample website successfully running, and logging into your GP SQL Server Database:

  1. Obtain the sample website (eStoreExample).
  2. Open the sample website in Visual Studio.
  3. In the sample website, add a reference to the KDTaxEngine.dll.
  4. Specify the start page by right clicking IntroPage.aspx (in the Solution Explorer) and selecting the Set as Start Page option.
  5. Change the Microsoft Dynamics GP SQL Server, company database, user name and password on all three code pages (TaxScheduleSelection.aspx.cs, ZIPcodeEntry.aspx.cs & WholeMealDeal.aspx.cs), so that your GP SQL Server, company database, user name and password are used.
  6. Build and run the sample web site using Visual Studio.

The TaxEngine Lite does not include all the features of the TaxEngine Full version.


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