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DZ Zip Address Import window

Access from DynamicZip Routines Navigation.

Permission to access this window is granted to the Tax Setup Task. (Prior to Build 72, permissions were granted to the Import Task.)

Window Description

Zip Addresses are imported during the rate & boundary import process.

The procedure described here is only required if you:

  1. Are importing Zip Addresses from a source other than the ZIPsales Database.
  2. Are only licensed for the ZipAddressing feature of DynamicZip.
  3. Want to import Zip Address only (Common when working in a nontaxable state).

The third case might be when you want ZipAddressing to work for more than just the states where you collect tax. Alternately, you could look into using Statewide Schedules for the states where you do not collect tax.

An import source can be defined for the ASCII file from which you will be importing Zip Addresses. You can create any number of import sources, or use the ZIPsales Database as a source.

NOTE: The DZ Zip Address Import cannot update states in which you do not have addressing data for. For example, if your rate and boundary import source subscription only includes 5 states, then you must secure another source for the ZIP Code data for the other 45 states if you wish to have ZipAddressing enabled for all 50 states. If you do not wish to use ZipAddressing in a certain state, then you can disable the feature from the DZ State Setup window.

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