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DZ Modify Tax Details window

Access from DynamicZip Utilities Navigation.

Permission to access this window is contained in the Tax Setup Task.

Window Description

The DZ Modify Tax Details window allows you to modify a range of Tax Details.

You can also specify in this window if you want the Tax Detail printed on documents. For these selections to work, you will also need to choose the corresponding selections in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Please see your Microsoft Dynamics GP documentation for more information.

  • CAUTION: This utility could quickly render thousands of tax details inaccurate. Consider setting security to limit access to this window.
  • NOTE: Any modifications to tax details may be lost the next time you import the rate and boundary file unless you set the Import Status in Modify Detail Supplement to preserve your changes.

Steps for modifying tax details using the DZ Modify Tax Details window

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DZ Utilities
System Password Required

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