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What are Dynamics Encrypted Passwords?

The login information for Microsoft Dynamics GP users is stored in encrypted form by Microsoft SQL Server to improve security. Essentially, this means that a Dynamics user does not know his SQL Server password, as the password he types into Dynamics is encrypted, and Dynamics then uses that encrypted password to provide the user access to SQL. This prevents the user from being able to access the SQL tables from outside the Dynamics environment.

NOTE: This password encryption does not apply to the 'sa' user ID.

The KampData TaxEngine utilizes the GPConnNet.dll to provide compatibility with encrypted Dynamics passwords. This allows a user to utilize the TaxEngine using the same password as used in Dynamics.

Using the GPConnNet.dll

The GPConnNet.dll is installed as part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation. The GPConnNet.dll has a .NET interface for creating database connections, and is used for integrations written in managed code. Browse to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Dexterity\vX.X” to add a reference to the GPConnNet.dll into your Visual Studio application.

Not Using the GPConnNet.dll

When running the Taxengine V2 Sp1 or newer, the GPConnNet.dll and Dynamics password encryption is not required. To support this option, you must download the Remote Edition of the KampData TaxEngine that works with SQL Server user names and passwords. Here is a link to the Download Page.

Could Not Load GPConnNet FAQ

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