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California Tax Return

The current DynamicZip sales tax report for CA State does not include a break out of all the amounts requested by California State for filing a sales tax return. This issues results from the CA County tax rates (1%) being combined with the Counties' Transportation rates (0.25%) to make a single tax detail (1.25%).

The DZ Report Wizard generates a report for CA State that sorts by Authority. The County Tax Authorities, District Tax Authorities and the State Tax Authority are all sorted out separately. The County Tax Authorities section of the report includes the 1% Combined State and Local taxes and the 0.25% County Transportation taxes. Unfortunately, the report does not automatically break out the 1% from the 0.25%, which results in some manual calculations being required to fill out the CA return.

For a temporary workaround to this issue, please see this link to the FAQ page.

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