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DZ Option F Tax Report

Permission to print this report is granted to the Sales Reports Task and the Purchasing Reports Task.

Grouping: Document Centric
Formated: For Export
Print From: DZ Reports window

This report prints only to file. The Option F is designed to be easily imported into a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft» Excel. The printed format can be text (fixed position), comma or tab-delimited. If you choose comma-delimited and use a file extension of .csv (comma separated values) the file will be recognized by Microsoft» Excel and easily opened.

Column Headings

The first row in the output file is the column headings. If you choose the export format of “text” (fixed position), the second row will contain the width of each column. All other rows are data - no headings, footers or page breaks. Here is a list of the Export Columns.

Detailed Report

The detail version of this report will include a row for each tax detail in each transaction (subject to your report's Restrictions ranges).

Summary Report

The summary version will print one row for each different value of the lowest sort order field (that has “Print footer” selected). Each row is the sum of the records that fall into its sort order value.

NOTE: This is the DynamicZip tax report used to generate the export file for the Sales Tax Returns Online product.

DynamicZip Tax Reports

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