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DZ Reports window

Access from DynamicZip Reports Navigation.

Permission to access this window is granted to the Tax Setup Task, the Sales Reports Task and the Purchasing Reports Task. (The initial release of Build 71 did not grant permissions to the Tax Setup Task

Window Description

The DZ Reports window is the starting point for creating, modifying, and printing DynamicZip reports.

Window Field Options:


You can select a report type from the Reports list to view the existing reports of that type or to create a new report. Existing reports will be listed in the Options field.


The Options field lists all the existing reports of the report type selected on the Reports list. Highlight the reports you want to print and click Insert to insert them into the Print List. If you want to insert all of the options, click All.


To create a new custom report, select the appropriate report type from the Reports list and then click the New button. This will open up a new record in the DZ Report Options window.


To modify an existing report, select the appropriate report type from the Reports list, then select the report you wish to modify from the Options field and click the Modify button. This will open up that report's record in the DZ Report Options window.

The Print List lists the reports you've selected from the Options list. If you select the Clear when queued check box, the Print List will be cleared after the reports have printed. You can remove a report by selecting it in the Print List and clicking Remove, or you can remove all of them by clicking Remove All.


For creating state specific reports and for creating a report to use with CCH's Sales Tax Returns Online we recommend using the DZ Report Wizard.

The state reports created by the wizard are unique per state, to give you a report that will show what a particular state request on their sales tax return.

This wizard is designed to choose the correct report type, set the correct sort order, apply the needed restrictions, help with choosing the printing destination as well as selecting the other various report options available on the DZ Report Options window.

For more information about how DynamicZip works with CCH's Sales Tax Returns Online, please see How do I use DynamicZip reports with ZIPsales Returns?

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