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Build 81

This DynamicZip build is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 and the KampData TaxEngine v.4.

Compile date: November 15, 2018


Bug Fixes

  • Opening the DZ Customer Address Supplement window would cause Dynamics GP to appear to hang. (Rather than being hung, it was actually scanning through the thousands of postal codes starting with the first letter in the selected postal code.) For this to occur:
    • A tax schedule ID had to be specified in the associated address card.
    • The geocode in the related record in the DZ Customer Address Supplement table had to be out of sync with the addresses tax schedule's geocode.
    • The associated address card had to have a Canadian address and postal code.
    • Canadian zip addresses had to be imported and present in the DZ Zip Address Table.

Build 81.1

Compile date: February 26, 2019


  • Permissions were not being granted to DYNGRP when new DynamicZip tables were created. This affected new installs as well as tables added or converted by a DynamicZip upgrade.

Build 81.2

Compile date: May 28, 2019


  • Canada tax rates were not importing from the ZIPsales Database. The import report was showing Warning: State CN (Canada) not found in the import file.
  • In the Sales Transaction Entry window: The customer's ship-to address is irrelevant when the shipping method has a shipping type of Pickup. However, if the customer's ship-to address had a blank zip code, the schedule selection process was failing with a Postal code missing error. This problem showed up when the customer was exempt in the IV Site's state but the IV Site had a taxable schedule assigned to it. In this situation, DynamicZip was failing to set the document and/or line-item's IV Site schedule to exempt.
  • Added an alert notice has been added to the bottom of the DZ Customer Supplement window when:
    • The selected customer's taxable status is set to Allow Override by State.
    • The override is set to Exempt.
    • An expiration date has been entered for the tax exemption.
    • The expiration date has passed.
  • Fixed a bug where the item description lookup in the DZ Modify Item Supplement window was setting the start or end item description to the item number of the selected item.

Build 81.3

Compile date: Pending


We discovered that some user installs still had records in the DZ Tax Detail Supplement table with exempt tax detail ID's and these unexpected records had their import status set in such a way that was preventing the rate and boundary import from fully and properly updating the related tax schedules. The following query should return zero records:

select * from DZ00400 where TAXDTLID like '%X'

If any records are returned, they can be removed with the following query:

delete from DZ00400 where TAXDTLID like '%X'

We have fixed this problem by including a step in the import that automatically removes these bogus records. The above workaround is only required if you encounter this problem but are unable to upgrade to the latest build.

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