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DZ Zip Address Table

Permission to access this table is granted to the Tax Setup task.

Display Name DZ Zip Address
Technical NameKD_ZipAddress
Physical Name DZ40400
Database COMPANY
Primary KeyGeocode, ZIP Code

This table stores the ZIP Codes and the cities and states to which they belong. This information is used for automatic and consistent address entry. Addresses will be added automatically to this table for the U.S. cities included in the Rate & Boundary Database.

NOTE: This table will be completely refreshed when the import is run. It can also be completely refreshed by running the import of the zip addresses only.

You can view, enter or edit the entries in the ZIP Address table by opening the DZ Zip Address Setup window. Addresses are stored in the ZIP Address table in uppercase.

Data Model Changes

The following fields were modified with build 72:

Country was replaced with Country Code (Used to identify the country code. Previously we used Country Name rather than Country Code.)

DynamicZip Tables

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