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ZIPsales Database

The ZIPsales Database is a source of sales and use tax rates for import by DynamicZip into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  • The ZIPsales Database subscription is a separate purchase, and NOT included in the price of DynamicZip.
  • The database can be purchased from CCH. Once you have subscribed, CCH should send you an email that contains a password, which you will use with their ZIPproduct Manager software to download the database files to your computer.
  • The contents of this database are read and utilized during the Rate & Boundary Import process.
  • Any time there is an update of the database (Usually, once a month), CCH will send out an email with a new password.
  • For questions about the database (ZIP Codes, tax rates, etc), or for help with obtaining the latest password, please contact

The tables read from the Rate & Boundary Database Folder by the Rate & Boundary Import process are the ZIPsales Database files:

  • City.txt
  • County.txt
  • DetailG.txt
  • Local.txt
  • State.txt
  • Zip.txt

In addition, the Flat File Test uses the ZIPsales Database file:

  • Flat.txt

Starting with Build 74, the source of Zip+4 data is the KampDatabase. Prior to Build 74, the Zip+4 Option required the ZIPsales Database file:

  • Plus4.txt

The ZIPsales database also includes this file which contains documentation on the various files content and layout:


See also Zipsales Database Rules file

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