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DZ Tax Detail Supplement table

Permission to access this table is granted to the Tax Setup Task.

Display Name DZ Tax Detail Supplement
Technical Name KD_TaxDetailSupplement
Physical Name DZ00400
Database COMPANY

This table stores supplemental data used by DynamicZip for reporting purposes (e.g. sorting by state, county, and city). It also contains the Geocode that relate to each Tax Detail In addition, this table helps DynamicZip distinguish between similar tax detail IDs and tax detail descriptions after updating the Rate & Boundary Database.

You can view and modify the contents of this table by selecting Detail Supplement from the Additional menu in the Tax Detail Maintenance window.

Data Model Changes

Build 72

  • Country was replaced with Country Code. (Used to identify the tax detail's country code. Previously we used Country Name rather than Country Code.)

Build 70

  • Country was added. (Used to identify the country in which the Tax Detail applies.)

DynamicZip Tables

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