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DZ State Setup window

Access from DynamicZip Setup Navigation

Permission to access this window is contained in the Tax Setup Task.

Window Description

The DZ State Setup window allows the entry and modification of the state codes and the names of the states. This information is automatically created or updated when the Rate & Boundary Database is imported.

Use the browse buttons to browse through the records; the records can be sorted by Code, State, or Geocode. By clicking the printer symbol in the upper-right corner you can also print the State Setup information to a report. The DZ Report Temp report is used for this report.

The records displayed in this window are stored in the DZ State Setup table.


DynamicZip Menu Selections

1) , 2) , 3) , 5) , 7)
Added in Build 74
4) , 6)
Removed in Build 74
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