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DZ Registration window

Access from DynamicZip Setup Navigation.

Permission to access this window is contained in the Tax Setup Task.

Window Description

Registration Keys are required for DynamicZip. The registration keys are generated to work with your Site Name, DynamicZip build number, features enabled, and license type.

If you do not have your registration keys, then please email to request registration keys. Include the exact spelling, capitalization and punctuation of your Site Name (As shown in the Microsoft Dynamics™ GP Registration window), your own name, phone number and fax number. Kamp-Data will email your registration keys to you.

DynamicZip registration keys are tied to the Dynamics GP Site Name, the total registered user count1), the Dynamics version and the DynamicZip build number. If there is a problem with the registration keys, please send a screen print of the DZ Registration window or even better, a text copy of the report that prints from the DynamicZip > Export menu on that window. (With the text copy of the report we can select and copy the site name to insure an exact match.)

DynamicZip Menu

  • Demo Mode (no Registration Keys required) can be turned on or off for the current workstation by accessing the DynamicZip menu available in the DZ Registration window.
  • Revert DZ Security to default.2) This menu choice will remove the security task operations defined for DynamicZip and then recreate them at their default settings. This menu selection applies system wide.

DynamicZip Windows
DZ Setup
Why Won't my DynamicZip Registration Keys Work FAQ

As of build 74, user count is no longer relevant
This option is only enabled for and visible to sa and DYNSA.
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