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Free Trial of DynamicZip

Demo Mode is provided so that users may try out DynamicZip prior to purchasing. Follow this link for information about creating a test company for running DynamicZip in Demo Mode.

Registration keys are not required for Demo Mode.

DynamicZip is fully functional in Demo Mode, but only in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Lesson Company. To enable DynamicZip functionality in other companies, you must purchase DynamicZip and enter your DynamicZip registration keys.

When DynamicZip does not have valid Registration Keys the first user to login will be asked “Run DynamicZip in Demo Mode?”. Selecting “Yes” at this time will turn on Demo Mode for this particular workstation. The option to run in Demo Mode is recorded in your Dex.ini in this format:

  • DZ_RunInDemoMode=TRUE

Additionally, Demo Mode can be turned on or off from the DZ Registration window.

DynamicZip Demo Mode is turned on/off on a workstation by workstation basis. This allows a single workstation to enter Demo Mode without impacting other users who may be simultaneously using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To enable the Zip+4 Option in demo mode, add the following line to your Dex.ini

  • DZ_ZipPlusFour=TRUE


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