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TE Registration window

The TE Registration window allows you to enter and save your KampData TaxEngine registration keys. If you would like to request registration keys, then please send your request to


  • File
    • Import - Import KampData TaxEngine registration keys from an XML file.
    • Export - Export KampData TaxEngine registration keys to an XML file.
    • Validate - Checks to see if your KampData TaxEngine registration keys are valid.

Site Name

This field should auto-populate based on your Microsoft Dynamics GP registration.


This field displays the version number for the KampData TaxEngine.

Registration Keys


You can print out your registration keys.


Saves the registration keys to the TE Registration table.

NOTE: A message indicating if the keys were accepted as valid should automatically pop-up when you press Save.

How Do I Enter Registration Keys
KampData TaxEngine windows

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