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SQL Optimized Import

The original Rate & Boundary Import was done using native Dexterity code and local c-tree temporary tables. This import could take a substantial amount of time particularly when using the Zip+4 Option. This prompted us to create the SQL Optimized Import to minimize the time required for this process.

The SQL Optimized Import1) starts out by using the Transact SQL BULK INSERT command to quickly read some of the larger files included in the Rate & Boundary Database. In order for BULK INSERT to function properly:

IMPORTANT: If BULK INSERT fails, the Rate & Boundary Database files will be read in the traditional (and slower) way. Failure of the BULK INSERT process will not slow down the other import process that have been optimized.

The Non-Optimized Import provides our users with an alternative way to perform the Rate & Boundary Import should the SQL Optimized Import fail for any reason.


Introduced with Build 72.
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