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Payables Transaction Entry window

Transactions > Purchasing > Transaction Entry

Use the Payables Transaction Entry window to enter beginning balances and to enter and pay invoices.

  • Use Tax Accrual is enabled in this window.
  • This is a Microsoft Dynamics GP window. Please see the Microsoft Dynamics GP help for more information on the functionality of this window.


  • Menu triggers (Trigger_RegisterForm)
    • Accrued Purchase Tax
  • Change triggers (Trigger_RegisterFocus)
    • Vendor ID (after)
    • Shipping Method (after)
    • Tax Schedule ID (after)
    • Tax Amount (before)
    • Delete Document (before)
  • Procedure triggers (Trigger_RegisterProcedure)
    • Calc_Tax_Amount of form PM_Transaction_Entry (after)
    • PM_Create_Default_Distribution_Lines (after)
  • Database triggers (Trigger_RegisterDatabase)
    • table PM_Transaction_WORK (TRIGGER_ON_DB_DELETE)

Additional Menu

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