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How can I report on transactions that have multiple ship to addresses?

DynamicZip has limitations related to tax reporting when a single document has multiple ship to addresses. Please see Multiple Ship To Reporting for more information. However, the KampData TaxEngine does handle multiple ship to addresses per document, and can import Microsoft Dynamics GP transaction history into its transaction tables for reporting purposes.

To use the KampData TaxEngine for reporting on multiple ship to transactions:

  1. Download and install the KampData TaxEngine.
  2. Clear the checkbox for Correct Invalid Addresses. 1)
  3. Clear the checkbox for Recalculate Taxes. 2)
  4. Clear the checkbox for Refresh Tax Details. 3)
  5. Clear the checkbox for Select Tax Schedules. 4)
  6. Set Refresh Jurisdiction ID's to None. 5)
  7. You can enter a Document Date range to restrict the import to only the documents needed for multiple ship to reporting.
  8. Enter any additional ranges you wish to use.
  9. Ensure that your restrictions have been inserted into the Import Restrictions field.
  10. Press the Import button to populate the KampData TaxEngine transaction history tables.
  11. Set Report by to Line Item.
  12. Enter an Option Name.
  13. Configure the Sort & Print Options that you would like to use.
  14. Change tabs to enter the Restrictions that you would like to use.
  15. Press the Print button to generate your report.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5)
To import the documents exactly as they are in Dynamics.
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