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Zero Rate County Overrides

This issue affects DynamicZip Build 73 and prior.

The ZIPsales Database uses overrides when the normal city, county or state tax rate does not apply to a particular jurisdiction. This issue is limited to zero rate county overrides.

When a county tax rate is reduced to zero for one or more cities, DynamicZip build 73 and prior failed to zero out or remove the standard county tax rate. This results in overstating the tax schedules' rate.

Counties where this issue is known to exist include:

  • Las Angeles
  • Santa Cruz


Build 73 and prior used the county name followed by /T: as the description for county override tax details.

This query returns the details with a city override of LA county tax:

select * from TX00201 where TXDTLDSC like 'LOS ANGELES/T:%'

This statement will update the tax rate for the details returned by the above query to zero:

update TX00201 set TXDTLPCT = 0 where TXDTLDSC like 'LOS ANGELES/T:%'

The Import Status of these details can be set to Update Schedule Only to prevent future imports from reverting the tax rate to it's normal value with the following SQL statement:

update sup set KDImportStatus = 2
from DZ00400 as sup
inner join TX00201 as dtl on dtl.TAXDTLID = sup.TAXDTLID
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