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Tax Reporting for Multiple Ship-To Documents

Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing module supports multiple ship-to's on a single document. DynamicZip does not fully support this feature. The problem exists in regards to the Document Centric DynamicZip Tax Reports.

Document Centric reports handle the entire document as a single unit. Documents with multiple ship-to's may have tax details from more than one Tax Location and when handled as a single unit, the result doesn't properly fit in any single Tax Location. The following example could result in multiple Tax Location and therefore cause DynamicZip reporting problems:

  • Multiple Shipping Type on the same document.
  • Multiple Inventory Site on the same document.
  • Multiple Ship-to Addresses on the same document.

Document Centric reports are very useful when preparing tax reports for quite a few jurisdictions. Zipsales Returns relies on our Option F Tax Report which is Document Centric. For this reason we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE you from creating Multiple Ship-To documents if you can possibly avoid it.

In addition, the DynamicZip report option Reconcile Documents may create results that are difficult to interpret on Detail Centric reports when they include a restriction that excludes some of the document's tax details.


The above reporting limitations and problems can be eliminated by importing SOP documents into the KampData TaxEngine and generating the required reports from the KampData TaxEngine transaction tax history tables. Please see using the KampData TaxEngine for SOP tax reports for more information.

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