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Miami FL tax rate of zero

Starting with the May 2019 release of the ZIPsales Database, an apparently incorrect line exists in the CITY.txt file. This line shows a city tax rate of zero, a county override rate of zero and a state override rate of zero. This line is an exact match, other than city name, with the line for SKYSHOP LOGISTICS INC which should and does have a total tax rate of zero.


This issue was reported to CCH June 3, 2019 and assigned case #12983425. It was resolved with the July 2019 release of the ZIPsales Database.


There are several possible ways to correct this problem. Perhaps the simplest is to delete the following line from the CITY.txt file and then import or reimport the ZIPsales Database:

MIAMI                       MIAMI-DADE               FL0.0000000.0000000.0000000.000000Y0.0000000.000000Y            00.0000000.000000    0 20110301S12086X0025

Alternate workaround

In the DZ State Setup window for the state of FL, select the Exclude From Import - City checkbox and then run the rate and boundary import for FL. Be aware that this will also eliminate the FL tax free schedules for SKYSHOP LOGISTICS INC and MY ACCESS USA. If you make sales into these tax free zones, before running the rate and boundary import you should locate these tax free schedules (zip 33106 and 34249) and set their Import Status to Update Detail Only in the DZ Tax Schedule Supplement window. This import status will prevent the rate and boundary import from removing these tax free schedules.

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