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Exceptions Reported

After the Assign Tax Schedules routine has finished running, a report is generated that can show you in detail what was changed/would be changed (if you ran a Preview) and why.

The report lists the existing and the purposed Tax Schedule ID per address. That way you can see what was assigned before, and what it was replaced with. A message will also be listed per address explaining why the change was made.

The report can also list the addresses that were not changed. In this case, the message for each listed address would state why DynamicZip was unable to assign a tax schedule for that address.

Because the number of customer addresses can become so large, we have added options to this window to restrict the contents of the report to information that you find most important. The three choices are All, Enabled and Changed.

All = Every exception within range is included.
Enabled = Includes every exception for which the postal code and country are enabled.
Changed = Lists only the exceptions that were modified by the Assign Tax Schedules process.

For this purpose, an exception is defined as any address for which the currently assigned Tax Schedule ID is not validated by DynamicZip. This includes tax schedules not found, found to be invalid as well as those disabled and therefore skipped.

For more help with using and understanding the report, please see Assign Schedules Report Messages.

DynamicZip Reports

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