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Document Tax Schedule Report

Reports » DynamicZip» select Document Schedules from the DZ Reports drop down menu

Permission to print this report is granted to the Sales Reports Task.

Note: Prior to Build 71 this report was named “Invalid Schedules”.

This report process scans through the Transaction Work Files and generates a report of any transactions containing an incorrect or questionable tax schedule ID.

When and Why Should I Run the Document Schedules Report?

This report will identify all transactions whose Tax Schedule is invalid as a result of being modified or removed during the import process.

Please see How do I correct invalid schedules? for information about correcting documents identified on the Document Schedules Report.

To run the DZ Document Tax Schedule report:

  1. Open the DZ Reports window.
  2. Select Document Schedules from the Reports list.
  3. If a report option does not already exist, then click New to create one. Otherwise, select the existing report option, and click Modify.
  4. The DZ Report Options window should open. If creating a new report, then type a name for the Option.
  5. Select a sort option from the Primary Sort list.
  6. Select the Source.
  7. Insert a range of Update Numbers to include in the report. You should limit this range to the update that has been run since the transactions were entered/last updated. Typically, this number will be the most recent import's Update Number on the DZ View Update History window
  8. Press the Save button.
  9. On the DZ Reports window select the report option and press the Insert button.
  10. Press the Print button.

For an explanation of report messages see Tax Schedule Selection Messages.

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