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Build 82

This DynamicZip build is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2019 and the KampData TaxEngine v.4.

Compile date: 11/14/2019


  • Skipping inactive customers while correcting addresses and assigning tax schedules is now optional. Previously inactive customers were automatically skipped.

Build 82.1

Compile date: 3/24/20


Build 82.2

Compile date: 9/9/2020


Bug fixes

OS Canada Import

The OS Canada Import was terminating with the following error:

Error: The table DZ Boundary Import temp contains no records - import aborted.

Tax Schedule Supplement report

The Tax Schedule Supplement Report was referencing an obsolete table and was depreciated as a result. The report has now been enhanced to provide more information. The detailed version of this report now includes the tax schedules' associated tax details and detail supplement information.

Import Exempt Customer Taxable Status

The Import Exempt Customer Taxable Status menu had a couple of problems.

  1. The Excel worksheet got created with Expiration Date in cell E1. Then when attempting to read the worksheet, the code was expecting Expriation Date and failing with an error message if it failed to find that misspelled heading. (The workaround was to change the column heading in cell E5 to be Expriation Date.
  2. The above mentioned error message indicated that the problem was in column 3. It correctly stated E1 but incorrectly stated the column number as 3 instead of 5. This has also been fixed.

Existing tax detail identification

Add rate check to the process that identifies existing tax details. This prevents detail thrashing on schedules from import to import. Some tax rate details included in an import source appear to be for the identical tax with only the rate setting them apart. After this fix, the import will scan for a matching rate and if none is found, will then create a new detail or update the rate on an existing detail. Prior to this update, the import would assume the rate has changed and update it. This can result in rate thrashing among otherwise identical details. This was primarily happening with the states AL, CO and LA. When logging at the info level, this issue would show up with import report messages such as these:

 Info:    70301  B LA LAFOURCHE co 9.6% Modified
 Info:       LASNLAFOURC002 LAFOURCHE co removed.
 Info:       LASNLAFOURC003 LAFOURCHE co added.

In this case the only difference between tax detail LASNLAFOURC002 and LASNLAFOURC003 is their tax rate. If the same issue of the same import source database is imported again, you may see messages such as these:

 Info:    70301  B LA LAFOURCHE co 9.6% Modified
 Info:       LASNLAFOURC002 LAFOURCHE co added.
 Info:       LASNLAFOURC003 LAFOURCHE co removed.

As you can see, the tax schedule's total rate stayed the same (9.6%) but one of that tax schedule's detail ID's was thrashing from LASNLAFOURC002 to LASNLAFOURC003 and back from import to import.

In this case (importing the Complete+ database), LASNLAFOURC002 or LASNLAFOURC003 has a tax rate of 4.15% or 4.9%. The two details both for LAFOURCHE county and both have a location code of 30.

It is unlikely that this bug caused any problems for our users as after each import, the tax schedule will have whichever of the two has the correct rate for that tax location. However detail thrashing is undesirable behavior and this problem has now been corrected.

Import of Canadian postal codes

The DZ Zip Address Import window can be used to import addresses from an alternate source. This import was failing for Canadian addresses. The import process was reporting: No importable records found. This has been corrected.

Build 82.3

Compile date: 10/21/2020

Bug fixes

Binary Case Sensitive Sort

When SQL Server is set to use the binary (case sensitive) sort order, character casing becomes critical. This release corrects character casing problems.

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