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DynamicZip Build 73

Initially released August 31, 2010.

This DynamicZip build is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (v.11) and the KampData TaxEngine v.2.

On April 9, 2013 this build was compiled and released separately for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (v.12).


  • Address character casing that does not match the casing in the DZ Zip Address Table no longer flags an address as invalid when selecting a tax schedule.
  • If the Microsoft Dynamics Company Setup Option “Use Shipping Method when Selecting Default Tax Schedule” is selected, DynamicZip will not select a tax schedule if the document has no shipping method.
  • Regardless of the DynamicZip Tax By Item Category settings, Advanced Tax Calculation is always enabled for document level freight and miscellaneous charges.
  • Override details now get the following values from the ZIPsales Database overriding record rather than from the record being overridden:
    • Geocode
    • Jurisdiction (city, county and state)
  • All of the records in the ZIPsales Database DETAILG.txt file are now assumed to represent a break down of taxes contained in the Local.txt file. This assumption can be turned off by modifying your Dex.ini file.
  • If the setting “Create ZIP Code Exempt Schedules” is selected in the DynamicZip Setup window then the exempt schedules will be created even if there is an Exempt ID specified in the DZ State Setup window.
  • Current editions of the ZIPsales Database do not always flag the default city for a zip when the ZIP includes only one city. DynamicZip now recognizes this situation and selects the record for the default county for that one city in that ZIP.
  • The summary version of the Option D Tax Report can now be saved in a simple export layout. This option is set in the Dex.ini file.

Minor Releases

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