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Importing Canadian Postal Codes

The Rate & Boundary Database does not include Canadian Postal Codes. As a result, ZipAddressing will not work for Canadian Postal Codes unless you find another source for this data.

One source of Canadian Postal Codes is The following are instructions regarding the use of this data.

The recommended database is their Canada - 6-digit Postal Code Data, Basic Edition. When downloading, select the tab delimited option.

To import this database into DynamicZip complete the following steps:

  1. Enter an Import Source name such as ZIPCODEDOWNLOAD.
  2. When you tab off the Import Source field you will be asked if you want to add this import source. Select Add to open the DZ Zip Address Import Setup window.
  3. Enter a Description such as
  4. Select a File Type of tab.
  5. Enter 1 for the ZIP Code Position.
  6. Enter 2 for the City Position.
  7. Enter 3 for the State Position.
  8. Leave the country code position field blank/zero since country code is not in the import file.
    1. If you want a country code for your Canada addresses, enter the desired code in the Country Code Default for Canada field in the DynamicZip Setup window. CA is the standard country code for Canada. Also select the check box next to the field in that window to direct the import to automatically populate the country code field. Be sure to save your DynamicZip Setup options prior to importing Canada.
  9. Click Save and close the DZ Zip Address Import Setup window.
  10. Select a group of states that includes the Canadian provinces you wish to import addresses for.
  11. Set the Report Level to Warning.
  12. Select the checkbox to Automatically generate missing FIPS.
  13. Select the checkbox to flag FIPS: Do not purge.
  14. Select the SQL Optimize checkbox.
  15. Select Import and then browse for and select the file being imported (such as “6-digit Basic.txt”).

If you are subject to tax in some provinces but not in all, please see Statewide Schedules for more information.


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