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Upgrade Instructions

NOTE: Settings and options from a previous build are retained, unless they are not compatible with the new build.

  1. Before installing DynamicZip, we recommend that you make a complete backup of your accounting system.
  2. Launch Dynamics GP as administrator and include new code.
  3. Check the DynamicZip Setup window to configure any settings that have changed or been added.
  4. Complete the Rate & Boundary Import Checklist to update the Tax Schedule IDs and Tax Detail IDs to the latest format, as well as update your customer address records to match.3)
  5. Review all of the Modifications from your previous build up to your current build installed. There may be additional steps specific to the builds you are upgrading from and to.

Installation & Setup
Minor Updates

1) , 2) , 3)
Not required for Minor Updates.
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