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Minor Updates

The following applies to upgrades of DynamicZip when the build number stays the same while only the minor update number increases.

Occasionally, software minor updates1) are released to fix bugs or to add/improve features and functionality. It is our mission to keep minor release installations quick and easy. Minor releases are not considered a new build or version. For example Builds 73.1, 73.2, 73.3, etc are all minor releases of Build 73. Table conversions or significant changes in functionality are not included in minor releases.

Click here for information about what build of DynamicZip is installed.

Here are some common questions regarding minor release installations. When installing a minor release:

  1. Do I need new registration keys?
    • Answer: No.
  2. Are any SQL tables converted, added, or removed from my SQL server?
    • Answer: No.
  3. Are other users required to exit the system/log out of Microsoft Dynamics GP?
    • Answer: No.
  4. Do I need to install the service pack on all of the computers that use the software?
    • Answer: No, but as a best practice, you should.
  5. Is a backup of my SQL databases necessary when preparing to install a service pack?
    • Answer: No.
  6. After installing a service pack, I am prompted upon starting Microsoft Dynamics GP to include new code. Is this necessary?
    • Answer: Yes and you must run Dynamics GP as Administrator to do so.

The installation of a minor release will only modify the local software files. Installing a minor release on one computer does not update the entire system. Installing a minor release does not modify any SQL data or SQL table structure. Installing a minor release does not invalidate any existing registration keys.

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