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DynamicZip Online Help

DynamicZip is installed with an Online Help file (KD581.chm) that can be easily accessed from any DynamicZip window.

To use the DynamicZip Help:

From any DynamicZip window, press the F1 key or click on the “?” button to open the DynamicZip Help. The DynamicZip Help will open focused on the documentation for that specific window.

About the DynamicZip Help:

  • The help page for each DynamicZip window contains an Overview about the window as well as detailed explanations on the window's fields, buttons and menu options.
  • The DynamicZip Help contains detailed information regarding the DynamicZip Tables
  • Instructions for installing and using DynamicZip can also be found in the DynamicZip Help.

NOTE: If any questions or concerns are found regarding the information contained in the DynamicZip Help, or lack thereof, then please Contact Us


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