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DynamicZip Installation Checklist

Testing DynamicZip before you buy? Please read about running in demo mode.

How Do I install DynamicZip?

NOTE: Backup your Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting system before beginning a DynamicZip installation or upgrade.

  1. See the Download Page to download the appropriate installation file. If you need help choosing, please refer to Which DynamicZip Build Should I Download and Install?
  2. Contact Us for Registration Keys if necessary.
    • Installing a DynamicZip minor update does not require new keys.
    • Testing DynamicZip in Demo Mode does not require any keys.
  3. Download and save DZrXXSetup.exe to your computer. When you run this file, the installer will expand DynamicZip files into your workstation's Microsoft Dynamics GP folder (Such as C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP).
  4. Start Microsoft Dynamics GP 1)
  5. You will get the message that new code must be included in the DYNAMICS.SET dictionary. Answer Yes to include it now. IMPORTANT: You must repeat the above steps on all workstations that need access to DynamicZip functionality.
  6. Log into Microsoft Dynamics GP as System Administrator. This will insure that you have the required rights to perform any neccessary post-installation table conversions. 2)
  7. When upgrading from a previous version of DynamicZip there may be tables that need to be converted to a new format. You can use the DZ Table Status window to convert the tables. 3)
  8. Enter your registration keys into the DZ Registration window. Click Save. 4)
  9. If DynamicZip SQL tables have been converted, or if new registration keys have been entered, then DynamicZip will have been automatically disabled when you logged in. You must exit Microsoft Dynamics GP and restart to fully re-enable DynamicZip. 5)

Frequently Asked Questions
Installation & Setup

Run as administrator so that the new code can be included.
2) , 3) , 4)
When installing a service pack for your current DynamicZip build number, step 2 & steps 6-10 are unnecessary.
When installing a service pack for your current DynamicZip build number, step 2 and steps 6-10 are unnecessary.
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