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KampData.TaxEngine.API Namespace
Reference the KampData.TaxEngine.API namespace in your code to gain access to the KampData TaxEngine's features and functionality. This namespace serves as the central access point for integration.
Public classFormAboutTaxEngine
Contains KD TaxEngine™ version information, and contact information for Kamp-Data, Inc.
Public classLocalSettings
General settings and user preferences that are saved locally.
Public classLocalSettingsAddressCardProcessingSection
The class used to store the latest settings for processing address cards.
Public classLocalSettingsDocumentImportSection
Stores the settings pertaining to the import of Microsoft Dynamics® GP transactions into the KD TaxEngine™ tables.
Public classLocalSettingsDocumentInterfaceSection
Stores the last used settings used in the TaxEngine Interface.
Public classLocalSettingsLoginSection
Stores the user name, Microsoft SQL Server® and Microsoft Dynamics® GP company database.
Public classLocalSettingsRegistrationSection
Stores the settings for your KD TaxEngine™ registration.
Public classLocalSettingsReportOptionsSection
Stores the user printing preferences.
Public classPortal
This class serves as your Portal into the features of the KampData TaxEngine. By instantiating this class and using its methods and properties you can bring the rich KampData TaxEngine feature set into your other applications. In addition this class can be used to create, save and retrieve sales and purchase transaction tax history.
Public classTrxTaxDetail
This class provides public access to the transactional document tax details.
Public structureAddress
Contains the tax location address information.
Public structureCategoryStruct
Contains the item category information.
Public structureDocTypeStruct
Contains the transactional document type information.
Public structureModuleStruct
Contains the transaction source module information.