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TaxEngine Interface window fields

The followig methods and properties can be found in the Portal Class of the KampData TaxEngine API. Please refer to this link for documentation on the Portal Class:

Section Field Name Method or Property Used
Button Clear DocClear method
Button Delete DocDelete method
Button Next LineMoveNext method
Button Previous LineMovePrev method
Button Save DocSave method
Detail window Tax DetailTaxAmount property
Detail window Description DetailTaxDetailDescription property
Detail window Detail ID DetailTaxDetailID property
Detail window Amt Taxed DetailTaxedAmount property
Footer Subtotal DocExtendedPrice property
Footer Tax DocTaxAmount property
Footer Total DocTotalAmount property
Footer Trade Discount DocTradeDiscountAmount property
Header Address ID DocDefaultShiptoAddressID property
Header Customer Category DocDefaultCustomerCategory property
Header Customer ID DocCustomerID property
Header Customer Subcategory DocDefaultCustomerSubcategory property
Header Document Date DocDate property
Header Document Number DocNumber property
Header Document Status DocStatus property
Header Document Type DocType property
Header Master Number DocMasterNumber property
Header Master Type DocMasterType property
Header Module DocModule property
Header Shipping Method DocDefaultShippingMethod property
Header Site ID DocDefaultSiteID property
Header Tax Schedule ID DocDefaultTaxScheduleID property
Header Void checkbox DocVoid property
Line City Limits radio buttons LineInCityLimits property
Line Current Line LineCount property
Line Current Line LineIndex property
Line Exempt checkbox LineExempt property
Line Exemption ID LineExemptionID property
Line Exemption Source LineExemptionSource property
Line Extended Price LineExtendedPrice property
Line Geocode LineGeocode property
Line Item Category LineItemCategory property
Line Item Description LineItemDescription property
Line Item Number LineItemNumber property
Line Item Quantity LineItemQuantity property
Line Item Subcategory LineItemSubcategory property
Line Jurisdiction ID LineJurisdictionID property
Line Line Number LineNumber property
Line Markdown LineMarkDownAmount property
Line Shipping Method LineShippingMethod property
Line Site ID LineSiteID property
Line State Code LineState property
Line Tax Amount LineTaxAmount property
Line Tax District LineTaxDistrict property
Line Tax Option LineTaxOption property
Line Tax Schedule Description LineTaxScheduleDescription property
Line Tax Schedule ID LineTaxScheduleID property
Line Tax Schedule Source LineTaxSheduleSource property
Line Unit Price LineItemUnitPrice property
Line ZIP Code LineZip property
Menu Document DocDefaultAllowAnyAddress property
Menu Document DocDefaultIncludeTaxInPrice property
Menu Document DocDefaultMarkdownTaxable property
Menu Document > Post DocPost method
Menu Document > Read Only DocReadOnly property
Menu Document > Slam Load DocSlamLoad property
Menu Document > Tax Schedule > Assign DocTaxScheduleDefault method
Menu Document > Tax Schedule > Recalculate DocCalculateTax method
Menu Document > Tax Schedule > Refresh DocTaxScheduleRefresh method
Menu Document > Trade Discount DocTradeDiscountTaxable property
Menu File > Print DocPrint method
Menu Line > Allow Any Address LineAllowAnyAddress property
Menu Line > Delete Line Item LineRemove method
Menu Line > Initial Tax Rate LineInitialTaxPercent property
Menu Line > Markdown LineMarkdownTaxable property
Menu Line > Refresh Tax Schedule LineTaxScheduleRefresh method
Window code After loading a document DocChangesReset method
Window code Closing window or selecting another document DocCanCancelChanges property
Window code Closing window or selecting another document DocChanged property
Window code Displayed in Detail window DocTaxDetails method
Window code Document Number assignment NextMasterNumber property
Window code Enter module, docNumber & docType Document method
Window code Lookup/Browse/Enter master number Document method
Window code Modify City LineCountiesInState method
Window code Modify City LineCounty method
Window code Modify Customer Category CustomerSubcategories method
Window code Modify Item Category ItemSubcategories method
Window code Modify Line Number or click Next LineAdd method
Window code Modify Module DocTransactionType property
Window code Modify Module ModuleDocTypes method
Window code Modify State LineCitiesInStateandZip method
Window code Modify State LineCity property
Window code Modify ZIP Code LineAddressList method
Window code Modify ZIP Code LineStatesInZip method
Window code Save DocRequirements property
Window code Save DocRequirementsMet property
Window code Save document or move to new line LineRequirements property
Window code Save document or move to new line LineRequirementsMet property
Window code Window Load CustomerCategories method
Window code Window Load ItemCategories method
Window code Window Load Modules method
Window code Window Load TaxEngine method

KampData TaxEngine

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