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TE Table Status window

The TE Table Status window allows you check the status of the KampData TaxEngine Microsoft SQL Server» tables. If any tables have errors or need to be upgraded, then this window will show you which tables those are, and allows you to convert or drop and recreate the tables, as necessary.


  • Tools
    • Validate Tables Checks the required KampData TaxEngine and DynamicZip tables. This process will determine if any tables need to be converted to a new version or if any tables have errors.
    • Drop and Recreate Table This process will delete an existing table, and recreate a new, working and empty copy of the table. Any previously existing data will be lost.
    • Create Missing Tables This process creates any tables that are missing.

Database Name

Displays which database a table is located in.

Table Name

Displays a table's name, as seen from Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Display Name

Displays a table's display name, which provides a simple explanation of what the table is used for.


Displays which version of the KampData TaxEngine that a table is compatible with.


Displays the state of functionality that a table is in.


Press to begin the table upgrade process. This process will affect only those tables who's Status is set to “Convert”.


Press to refresh the TE Table Status window.

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