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Transaction Number

A Transaction Number is a 32 bit integer.

When a Tax Document is created, the KampData TaxEngine automatically uses the next available Transaction Number to uniquely identify the new Tax Document.

The process used by the KampData TaxEngine to get the next Transaction Number for a new document is as follows:

  1. The next transaction number is retrieved from the DynamicZip Setup table.
  2. The Transaction Document Table is checked to verify that the next transaction number is not already in use. If it is already in use, the number will be incremented and retested until the next unused transaction number is identified.
  3. The next transaction number stored in the DynamicZip Setup table is then updated to one more than the unused transaction number identified above. This update is made using Optimistic Concurrency to insure that the update is performed by the current request for the next transaction number. If this update fails, the process starts over with step 1.
  4. If the update fails more than 1000 times (in our testing this took approximately 10 seconds), a Record Contention Exception is thrown.


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