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 +====== Sales and Use Tax Calculation feature ======
 +The KampData TaxEngine calculates tax on sales and purchases using the Microsoft Dynamics GP [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Tax Detail]] and [[dynamiczip:​glossary:​Tax Schedule]] along with supplemental tax setup information entered using [[dynamiczip:​description|DynamicZip]].
 +The result is that you can use the KampData TaxEngine to calculate tax outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP with no additional tax setup required.
 +Call the DocCalculateTax method to calculate or re-calculate the tax. When this method is called, tax detail records will be created in the [[taxengine:​tables:​Transaction Tax table]]. When an order is created outside of Dynamics and subsequently imported into Dynamics, Tax Detail records should be created in the appropriate Dynamics transaction tax table. For SOP this table is the [[dynamics:​tables:​Sales Taxes Work And History table]]. The following tax detail data can be retrieved from the [[taxengine:​tables:​Transaction Tax table]] or by using the KampData TaxEngine ​ methods and properties such as the following:
 +  * DetailTaxDetailID property
 +  * DetailAccountIndex property
 +  * DetailTaxedAmount property
 +  * DetailTaxAmount property
 +The document tax details can be retrieved as an ArrayList using the DocTaxDetails method. Alternately you can step through the tax details one by one using DocTaxDetail method. The number of tax details available to step through can be retrieved using the DocTaxDetailsCount method.
 +[[taxengine:​features:​features|KampData TaxEngine Features]] ​
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