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DZ ZIPsales Import window

NOTE: This windows was replaced with the DZ Rate & Boundary Import window for Build 74 and later.

For builds 70 and later, access via DynamicZip Routines Navigation
For builds 69 and earlier, access via DynamicZip Utilities navigation.
Permissions to access this window is contained in the Import Task

Window Description

This window may be used to start the Rate & Boundary Import process. You can also use this window to update tax details for sales and purchases.
For directions on using this window, please see How do I import the Rate & Boundary Database?

Field Options

  • Update All States Zip Addresses
  • Import will start the Rate & Boundary Import process. NOTE: You can use the Stop Button to terminate the Rate & Boundary Import process. However this will abort the process and some of the tax details and schedules may be updated and some may not. If you do stop the process, you should restart and complete the process before relying on the related tax rates.

DynamicZip Additional menu

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