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DZ System Setup window

Access from DynamicZip Setup Navigation.

Permission to access this window is contained in the Tax Setup Task.

Window Description

The DZ System Setup window provides a way to view the contents of the DZ Company Setup table and also allows you to selectively disable or enable DynamicZip by company. Settings made here apply system wide (i.e. to all workstations and all users).

To disable DynamicZip in the DZ System Setup window:

  1. Open the DZ System Setup window.
  2. Clear the check box next to the company you want DynamicZip disabled in, and close the window.
  3. Exit Microsoft Dynamics GP and log back in.
  • NOTE: Using this method,
    • DynamicZip will stay disabled until you enable it again, even after closing Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • To enable DynamicZip follow the previous steps, except this time select the check box next to the company you want DynamicZip enabled in.

DynamicZip Menu

  • Revert DZ Security to default.1) This menu choice will remove the security task operations defined for DynamicZip and then recreate them at their default settings. This menu selection applies system wide.

DynamicZip Menu
DynamicZip Windows
DZ Setup
System Password Required

This option is only enabled for and visible to sa and DYNSA.
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